Alien Soldier preview as featured in Beep! Megadrive Magazine (Sept-Oct 1994) Page 1

Well, I decided to take a closer look to the tweet mentioned at the bottom of this post (original source) and translate it so more people are aware of the beginnings of the fabulous Alien Soldier. There are four pages of this beep magazine feature but so far I’ve just been able to tackle the first one. I’ll be releasing the translations for the other pages soon.
Hope you enjoy the translation 🙂


Alien Soldier
It will become this fiscal year’s highest peak on MD’s shooting action game!

(Right yellow square)
Release date: undetermined
Price: not available
16 M
Just for 1 player

Time to burn again the heated blood!
Get together warriors! Pick up your guns!


Do you remember the euphoria that made you feel like your blood was boiling when you played
treasure’s breakthrough Gunstar Heroes?
Yes, it has been one year since then and treasure has announced the production of an existance of
shooting action. This game has around 10 middle/big bosses in each stage with unbelievable nonstop
action, moreover all of the enemies show a biological(natural) movement that resembles that of seven force’s.
Due to the result of having the main character and the enemies speed processing being pushed to the limit, in exchange it’s not possible to have 2 players playing at the same time, anyway this is a trivial matter when it’s compared to this power!


Multi-joint characters that move artistically!

This time a lot of multi-jointed characters like Seven force, who caused a huge impact on us, will make an appearance.
Having way more encounters with middle size bosses than with popcorn enemies breaks all conventions, which leave us with only one option: take our hats off.
Besides this, the content is not a cheap imitation of gunstar heroes, it containts a great attitude towards opening new horizons in the crazy shooting world.

(purple box to the right)
Alien Soldier’s stage is set at the end of the 20th century at the Semi-earth.
It’s a world where enhanced organisms built by super genetic engineering and Semi-humans co-exist.

(small image upper side)
There are four basic shoot: Vulcan, Homing, Laser and Flame. You should choose your weapon depending on the enemy’s type: for living-type enemies = flame, and for the machine-type = laser.

(small image right side)
Epsilon 2 can turn himself upside down and stand on the ceiling.

(small image further right side)
There is a technique to warp certain distance and also another one to get rid of enemy’s bullets, but we will show these next time.

復活!?トレジャー大作戦 by 1995/NAMI 1995/NAMI氏を知らない人は「ガンスターヒーローズ」をクリアし、エンディングを見よ
Revival!? Treasure’s great strategy. For the ones that don’t know Mr. NAMI yet: finish gunstar heroes and go see the ending.


The summer is hot. Behind the extinction of [I can’t do it by myself] Treasure factory’s corner of unpopular special products there are restlessness rumours, like a theory claiming I commited suicide or that I was abducted by aliens and got killed. I exist! I won’t let the megadrive be killed. By the way, God has finally lifted the ban on Alien Soldier. But it’s still a weird and unpredictable game. We can’t feel at ease. It’s not to boast but it’s like the game planning keeps changing in a monthly basis, so the team members get super mad at once… I think we all laughed a lot when we realized that this resembles a political farce. Our high blood pressure and alcohol drinker CEO got seriously mad and was making a pencil crack using his index and middle fingers.
Anyway, let me get to the point. I am the team leader with no confidence. I might change the game planning with no problem even at the brink of the already crazy delivery date. That’s no f*cking way to make a game. I just want to play a more interesting game.
Lately other people’s games are not interesting, the money inside my wallet has started to grow some mold.
And if I’m asked if that’s the reason why [AS (Alien Soldier)] is a super interesting game, well it’s not like that. «The program optimization is amazing but the game is not that good…» it could be ok but I don’t like that. Even if i’m called «Demon» I might ask for a major change/revision. This time I could get fired. I’m trying to make a game that I could love purely and give all my life to. I’m sorry but I’m just thinking about myself so I’m going for it, even with no users (players). Don’t get mad. This is the last time.

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