Alien Soldier preview as featured in Beep! Megadrive Magazine (Sept-Oct 1994) Page 2

After almost one year since the last post about this series ( )

I bring you, part two!
Hope you enjoy the translation 🙂


Top sentence
The enemies (shown) here are just 1 part of the Stage 1, can you believe it?

Upper left section (snake-like boss)
ジェットリッパー Jet Ripper

(Green square text)

Are you pretending to be a savior?, Epsilon.
You are no longer a modified creature neither a modified human being!
My friend, know the shame that awaits the one that goes againts the inevitability of the history!

(Attack name in yellow characters)
ゼロ・カッター Zero cutter

(Blue color text)
This is a snake-type middle boss whose multi-joint part moves as if it had self conscious. Its «jumping here and there» kind of move has a strong resemblance to the paradise snake.

(Purple text)
Spooky (weird) undulation!

Upper right section (ant-like boss)
アンドロイド Android

(Orange box text)

E, Epsilon!!
Ripper was killed!?
Aah ripper….., those days of love that embraced you. i, i, I won’t forget!

(This section’s middle font size pink text)
High jump knee pad

(blue text below)

The (backwards) somersault is not the simple rotation of a standing pose of the character, it’s implemented with realistic movement. This kind of part talks about the difference between amateur and pro.

(Comic like yellow text box)

(Blue middle size font text to the right)
蟻酸 (formic acid)
The acid that an ant spits. That’s why is gisan (蟻酸).
This is a really easy to understand naming right!

[Note: formic acid in japanese is written 蟻酸 = 蟻 (ant) + 酸(acid), so it’s a word game in this case. More than actually representing formic acid…]

(Bottom left section)
ハニーバイパー Honey Viper

(Orange box text)
Life got me tired. I only had a simple dream where small bees and myself are running a big flower garden together…
I don’t have fight capacity or fight will….

(Middle size font purple text to the left)
The sexy nape gets looooooong

(Small size blue text)

(Bottom right section)
クラブバーバー Old lady Crab

If you dare to touch my kids i’ll teach you a lesson!!
Narration:「The brave mom, who single-handed looks after its 500 children, also works hard today by driving a truck」

(Orange middle size text)
ダイナマイトシーザパンチ Dynamite Scissor punch

Given having to raise 500 small crabs as well, that arm and scissor are powerful, even Scissor hands Edward is surprised.

(Bottom right blue text)
Please be nice to the small crabs too.

Even more than having a really red body after being boiled up(?), the small crabs crawl the floor moving lively. We are putting everything on this so even these small details get taken care of.

(Bottom of the page small font size black text)
こんなゲームあってもよかんべー欄外編 ■謎の〇盤UFO (提案者・愛知県・NORI): 外宇宙からいつ何時襲来するかわからないUFOを24時間体勢で監視し迎撃する。モデムを接続すればUFOが接近した場合、寝てようが、会議中だろうがポケベル(pager)で呼び出してくれる。また、携帯や公衆電話のプッシュボタンを使えば、街のど真ん中で作戦指揮も可能だ!究極の二重生活体感オフト!

Marginal notes of «Wouldn’t be good if this kind of game exists» ■ The Mistery of the UFO disc (Proposer・Aichi prefecture・ NORI): With a 24 hours observation formation we intercept UFOs from outer space that we don’t know at which time will attack. When connected via modem, if there is UFO approaching, doesn’t matter if you are sleeping or in the middle of a meeting, we get called via a pager. Also, using the push button of a cellphone or a public phone, we can give strategy orders even from the middle of the city! Double life experience ultimate game!

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3 comentarios en “Alien Soldier preview as featured in Beep! Megadrive Magazine (Sept-Oct 1994) Page 2

  1. ¡Hola! Descubrí tu página hace poco mientras buscaba si existía algo de información acerca de las «betas» de Alien Soldier, muchas gracias por compartir la traducción de las dos primeras páginas.

    ¿Tienes la intención de seguir traduciendo las dos páginas restantes compartidas en el tweet original de VGDensetsu y las otras cuatro páginas de este otro tweet (

    Sería genial entender que dice la revista acerca de algunos elementos que quedaron fuera del juego final, como por ejemplo el jefe que parece una mano (que supongo lo quitaron por feo) y la secuencia que ocurre antes de enfrentarse a Epsilon-1 donde pareciera que hay una serie de cazas/naves aliadas que son aniquiladas antes de que siquiera empiece el enfrentamiento como tal.

    Saludos y gracias nuevamente.

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